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Estonian Triumph in the Northern Baltic Countries Championship held in Lithuania - Full Article

30 September 2017
Race report made with the assistance of Ugnė Zalieckienė

Kurtuvenai, Lithuania. Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 2017. Kurtuvenai hosted the sixth Northern Baltic Countries Equestrian Endurance Championship.

Senior riders competed in CEI2* 120km and Juniors in CEIYJ1* 80km. More than 50 combinations from Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Byelorussia attended.

Endurance World Lithuania. In the forest.A though and rainy day on the eve of the competition concerned the competitors, but the weather changed to a sunny race day creating favourable conditions for the riders allowing them to go at high speed.
The battle between the most experienced riders continued till the finish line and the winner in the CEI2* 120km Kairit Jarv – EST (Mustafo Malabah) crossed the line side by side with her closest competitor ( average speed of 18.52 km/h). Second place and the Best Condition Prestige’s prize was won by Olaug Espeli Carstensen – NOR (Yassir II). The third place went to Marian Kikas – EST (Jaliszko).

The Juniors category was dominated by Estonian riders who occupied the complete podium. The top three crossed the line within ten seconds. Gold was for Annabel Kaldvee (Nilsson Ox), silver for Merilin Kalbre (Gunpowder Boy) and bronze for Mariel Olkonen (Galaxy)...

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