Monday, October 23, 2017

Australia: ‘To complete is to win’ - Full Article

23 October 2017

Keen riders can pick up tips and tricks on keeping their horses healthy while riding long distances at an endurance-riding training-day.

The South Coast Zone Endurance Riders Association (SCZERA) will hold educational talks and introductory rides at Willinga Park, Malua Bay, on December 3.

Committee member Clare Feary said the training day gave keen riders right along the south coast the chance to try endurance riding in a supportive environment.

“The sport motto is: to complete is to win,” Ms Feary said.

“We want to show riders how to succesfully complete a ride.”

She said joining any new sport could be confusing and difficult.

“We are welcoming new riders: Offering10, 20, and 40 kilometre rides and explaining all the rules and processes involved,” she said.

The training day was proposed after a survey by the sport’s state body found the majority of riders who hadn’t yet tried endurance riding said they needed more information and support...

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