Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Zealand: ESNZ New Horse Registration Process for Endurance



Following feedback from the ESNZ Endurance Forum the following will be the process for Endurance with regards to the registering of new horses and the issuing of ID books:

Step 1

A new horse registration form is to be sent into ESNZ along with payment as usual. There is no initial charge for the ID book for a NEW horse.

Step 2

The ESNZ Membership Services Team will issue an ID book with the name of the horse on the front of the book and keep the registration on file. The ID book is then sent out to enable the vet ID page to be completed. The registration will not be processed until the ID book is returned to be validated.

Step 3

Upon receiving the new ID the horse owner is to complete the horse ID page (either by a vet or they may do it themselves) and return the ID book to ESNZ to be validated. The owner will have 1 month to have the ID book completed and returned to ESNZ. At the end of the 1 month period if the ID book has not been returned, ESNZ will contact the owner and a charge may be applied for the cost of the ID.

Step 4

Once the ESNZ Membership Services Team receives the ID book back; they will then process the registration, validate the ID book and return it to the owner.


Until the ID book has been validated the horse is NOT considered registered and therefore cannot compete

Failure to return the ID book after one month may incur a $20 charge for the cost of the ID book. Once the ID book is issued it becomes the liability of the owner.

This system will be trailed for a year; if people abuse the system then consideration may be given to a return to the current system.

If you need a registration done urgently then you can still complete the process as previous i.e. send in completed ID page, or if you prefer this way

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