Friday, September 11, 2015

2018 WEG: Bromont Bail - Full Article

Blogs Straight-Up | September 4, 2015

Have you heard the not-so-breaking news about Paul Côté resigning as CEO of Bromont 2018? Probably not, as the announcement wasn’t exactly sung from the rooftops. I considered adding the word ‘out’ to the title of today’s post, but the suggestion that something is being rescued would give very much the wrong signal. Côté has washed his hands of Bromont and returned to the world of mass transit. If I were a palm reading type, what I would read between the lines here is that he saw an opportunity to get out while the getting’s good – and took it.

It would not be at all accurate to say that Côté jumped off a sinking ship, either, since that cliché suggests the ship was not only floating but had moved somewhere under its own power from the dock. If there is anything remarkable about the year since Bromont ‘won’ its bid for WEG 2018 (kind of like I once ‘won’ first place in a dressage class with only one entry and I exceeded the 59% minimum score to get the first place ribbon and coffee mug), it’s that so very little has happened. Three years out from D-day, two years out from when test events would be run, and we’ve heard next to zilch about the enormous infrastructure improvements that were promised in Bromont’s bid book. And now the one man who might have been able to make the show go on has walked off the set...

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