Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Problems for Bromont WEG 2018

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September 11, 2015
by: Horse-Canada.com

Problematic from the start, the groups involved with bringing the 2018 Bromont WEG to fruition continue to struggle with organizing the behemoth event. At the end of August they lost their long-standing leader, Paul Côté, who had been chair of the bid committee and was subsequently named CEO, when he announced his resignation. This week, the Town of Bromont has – for the second time – refused to grant the long-term lease necessary to build the 4,500-seat indoor arena.

The town council has two main concerns with the building which will host the Reining and Vaulting competition during WEG. The first issue they cite has to do with the design; they don’t want the building to be a big box that looks like your typical industrial building in the middle of their pristine green space. The second concern is that they have not been presented with a comprehensive business plan for how the building will be financed over the long term...

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