Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Great Britain: H&H Golden Horseshoe team blog: ‘let’s hope for many more years’ - Full Article

Aimi Clark, Rachael Hook, Polly Bryan and Emily Secrett
10 June, 2015

A Horse & Hound team completed the Golden Horseshoe earlier this month (17 May).

Showing, vet and point-to-point editor Aimi Clark, designer Emily Secrett, news writer/digital sub editor Rachael Hook and dressage/print sub editor Polly Bryan update us on their experiences of the endurance ride.

Aimi: ‘Welfare is top of the agenda’

I had mixed feelings as I arrived on Exmoor to tackle the Golden Horseshoe. It is exciting and I barely slept the night before, but it is also the unknown — I’ve never competed in endurance before — and the international side of the sport has been surrounded by controversy recently. To top it off my horse, Bee, has missed several days’ work after losing a shoe and becoming foot sore. Typically thoroughbred timing.

Bee waits for inspectionThe veterinary inspection is one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve done. Waiting to be called forward I see a chestnut with a distinctive nod. The rider is devastated that the beloved horse she thought was in perfect health is in pain, and thoughts of the ride — all that preparation, travelling time, financial investment — pales in significance. Two vets assess the horse to see what the problem might be before he goes home. Welfare is top of the agenda here...


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