Friday, June 19, 2015

Australia: Lion-hearted enduro effort - Full Article

By SAM STRONG June 19, 2015,

HEIDI Wade of East Lynne has turned in a marathon-effort to finish 17th at the 50th anniversary of the Tom Quilty Gold Cup, a demanding 160-kilometre endurance horse riding race.

Wade, riding six-year-old pure Arabian Pevensey Prosecco in the heavyweight divison, was joined by fellow South Coast riders Roy Counsell aboard Espirit Sherwood in the middleweight division and Irene Adams on Shane D Survivor in the lightweight divison.

Unfortunately Counsell, who was aiming to finish his fifth Quilty, bowed out half-way through while Adams’ horse was declared lame after the fourth leg, with only 12 kilometres to go.

It was Wade’s first attempt at the world’s largest endurance ride – 340 riders set out at midnight amid torchlight - and there was plenty of hard work leading up to the competition.

Wade’s horse was just above minimum age and it had to have completed three 80-kilometre endurance rides previously.

“He is quite young to compete in this kind of endurance race but has proven to be an amazing horse,” Wade said.

“I am extremely proud of him and just to complete this ride is to win...

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