Friday, January 10, 2014

FEI Endurance Rules Changes in Effect in 9th Edition, 2014

10 January 2014

A few changes were made to the FEI Endurance Rules, which took effect January 1 2014. The changes are as follows:

801 THE COURSE/*Field of Play:
The finish must be long and wide enough to enable several horses to finish at speed without interfering with each other , and must provide sufficient run - out to allow Athletes to safely come to a stop after crossing the finishing line in any potential sprint or gallop. It must be situated as close to the Vet Gate as possible.

1. The ‘field of play’ is defined as; the defined course (loops or phases), the defined crewing areas on course or within the vet gate, the vet examination area and the hold area at or within the vet gate. For Championships, there will be restricted access to the field of play as defined in the schedule.

2. The maximum number of grooms allowed within the vet gate will be 5 per horse to take into account availability of space or too ensure that the horse is allowed sufficient space to rest. A ccess to the vet gate and the vet gate examination area may be restricted by the Organiser under advice from the FEI Technical Delegate. Such restrictions must be clearly shown in the FEI approved schedule.

3. All horses must remain at all times clearly under observation of FEI Veterinary Officials, Ground Jury and Stewards.

815.3 Mandatory Rest for Horses:
After competing in a CEI events, a horse must be given a mandatory minimum rest period, as defined, before it is again eligible to participate in a National or FEI competition (Rest Period commences at Midnight on the day that the ride
finishes as denoted by the maximum ride time allowed and finishes at Midnight, the day before published ride start time):
Distance completed
start – 40 km - 5 days (retirement only)
start – 80 km - 12 days
Over 80 – 120 km - 19 days
Over 120 km-140 km - 26 days
Over 140 Km - 33 days

817.4 Teams and Individuals

Teams: If an NF starts three or more combinations all results are available to establish their Team result and are also eligible for individual classification and placing/awards. Only the highest placed three members shall count as the Team for classification and to receive a team medal.
Should any combination whose result was available to count towards Team Classification, subsequently fail an FEI sampling procedure which results in the loss of that individual’s result(s) within the event, the classification of that entire team will become null and void.
Such loss of Team classification will not affect the individual classification of the other members of that team.

825,4 CEI 1 & 2 Star Endurance Events
Where a Foreign FEI Official is required within the terms of Art. 825, such Foreign Official cannot be resident in the same country or time zone in which the event is taking place.

See the complete 2014 9th Edition FEI Endurance Rules here:
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