Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spain: Ignasi Casas Confirmed as Chef d'Equipe

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

In yesterday January 28, 2013, the Spanish Equestrian Federation designation adopted several agreements on technical structures of the FEI. and composition of the various Technical Equipment equestrian discipline.
In regards to our discipline The Raid, confirmed to D. Ignasi Casas as Director of the discipline. It specifies the crew, when we have this information we will post it.

This is the note from the Spanish:

Peter King and Luis Lucio, directors and Dressage CCE
Posted: 29 Jan 2013 12:31 AM PST

The FEI has appointed Peter King and Luis Lucio as directors of Eventing and Dressage, respectively. He has decided the locations of several championships in Spain and Spanish Cups.

The Board of Directors of the Spanish Equestrian Federation adopted several agreements on Monday January 28, among which were the designations relating to the technical structure of the FEI. Thus, in regard to the composition of different technical equipment, confirmed the following designations:

Director: D. Marco Fuste
Attached to the address: D. Mike Florence


Director: Luis Lucio


Director: Peter King


Director: Ignasi Casas

"All of them," the FEI said in a statement, "will be assisted by respective Technical Committees of Selection to be composed of representatives of different sectors integrated in each of the disciplines."

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