Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Zealand: Smith Takes North Island Title

22/01/2013 9:52:54 a.m.

Kuratau in the central North Island was the location for the 2013 North Island Endurance Championships which were held over the weekend. Hosted by the Waikato Endurance Club, the tracks took riders over nice rolling central north island country with views to Lake Taupo. Snow on the mountains on Thursday evening brought temperatures that were better suited to the winter, with a chilly 3 degrees being recorded for the start of the 160KM ride at 1.00am on Saturday morning.

12 combinations started in the feature event, the 160KM, which was eventually taken out by an impressive performance from Andrea Smith and Glenmore Tariq finishing nearly an hour a head of her competition. This gives Andrea another “tick in the box” toward her 2014 WEG campaign.

2013 North Island Championships Results - Full detailed results will be available soon.

CEI 3* 160km
1st Andrea Smith & Glenmore Tariq 8.52.35
2nd Emma Armstrong & Blue Thunder Shimar 9.51.50
3rd Mark Tylee & Jacob 9.57.58

CEI 2* 120km
1st Rosemary Revelll & AA Mystic Charm 7.14.14
2nd Michael Wakeling & Tulsa 8.06.43
3rd Donna French 8.39.50

CEI 2* JY 120km
1st Georgia Smith & Glenmore Vixen 7.14.15
2nd Leanne Ireland & Alshar Blue Levi 8.06.42

CEI 1* 100km
1st Joanne Fowler & Makahiwi Kutaisi 5.51.35
2nd Cherry Brown & Samurai & I 5.52.04
3rd Amanda McConachy & Makahiwi Geneca 6.06.49

CEI 1* JY 100km
1st Emma Mason & Tararua Mistalight 5.56.26
2nd Brigitte Smith & Vigar Marissa 5.56.33
3rd Georgia Wakeling & Kedar Sarita 6.01.54

CEI 1* 80km Non Championship
1st Ross Berrett & Makahiwi Paris 4.59.33
2nd Robyn Kendrick & Playdough 4.59.43
3rd Rowena Tyler & Wyndyn Whlloh 5.00.08

CEI 1* JY 80km Non Championship
1st Bridgett James & Sayfwood Manzzoni 4.59.16
2nd Charlotte Berrett & Hampshire Park Zebedee 4.59.18
3rd Johanna Angermaier & Aspen Hills Ida 5.03.09

CEN 60km Senior
1st Petra Deacon & Saamen Dance Away 2.59.51
2nd Trevor Walton & Lotus Blue Moon 2.59.52
3rd Stephanie McLeod & Makahiwi Jericho 3.28.22

CEN 60km Junior
1st Georgia Smith & Aurora Australis 4.06.02

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