Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New Zealand: Bit by Bit

December 5 2012

Jacqui Knight was 10 years old when she opened an English textbook and found an excerpt from ‘Tschiffely’s Ride’, one of several books written by Aimé Felix Tschiffely covering his epic journey with two Patagonian ponies, from Buenos Aires to Washington DC. Tschiffely’s destination had been New York but he found the traffic was too bad. And this was in 1925!

The tale inspired her. For the next thirty years she pored over maps and clippings files in newspaper offices, read books about geography and travel and horses, studied mountains and rivers that might obstruct her path. And in 1996 her dream became a reality.

New Zealand: Bit by Bit is the book Knight has published a book of the journey that she and a small dog took on horseback the length of New Zealand, from Bluff at the bottom of the South Island to Cape Reinga at the top of the North. It took her 105 days’ riding over a period of eleven months — a total of 2538.2 kilometres. She was was 46 but had been dreaming about the adventure for over thirty years.

Jacqui just loves to share her beautiful country with visitors from overseas. She has entertained many people and advised them on what to see and where to go. Always, she warns that their visit will not be long enough.

If you've ever dreamed about visiting New Zealand and getting 'off the beaten track'; if you love animals and wild places, if you love meeting people and learning about different cultures, then this book is for you. Jacqui has a natural, conversational way of writing which is easy to read. You will feel that you are travelling with her, her horses and Brae.

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