Saturday, December 08, 2012

FEI: What the hell, was wrong with the current regulations? - Full Article


Oh yeah, of course, it wasn't good for the wealthy riders. You know, the ones who have no time for getting to know their horse, train them, feed them, brush them, pet them, take care. It's easier if you want buy a car to go to the dealer -am I stupid, to send somebody, a henchman- and give orders for the tuning, then when the time comes to drive the car -of course you understand the parable- to mess up -because the engine is too powerful or too delicate- a few miles later.

So this so beloved regulation has been changed, under the impulse of the UAE federation. If you were a bit informed or clear-headed, you had noticed some interventions on forums. Then hop-hop, abracadabra, that's it...

On the other hand, for the welfare of the horse, nada-niet-nothing! To counter the one killing horses, no sensational decision. Of course, a commission has been nominated -we all know the best way of doing nothing is to nominate a commission. Completely opaque. Who's making part? What is the road map? Let's bet that they will soon be employed in the UAE!

The other, major, change concerns the qualification procedure. Was the system not good? It was and has always been OK for us, Europeans! Since years we were using it and never had problems.

So as from now, another additional 80..90 must be completed to get access to the CEI* level. For the professionals, this means an additional cost-risk-time. For amateurs, especially the one bringing their horses slowly to the international level, no big deal. One more 50miles, that's OK, even better for the organizers.

What Pierre Arnould has difficult to swallow -apparently some of his colleagues at the FEI commission are in the same case- is the way the decision has been presented. He said: "I'm fed up to repeat this again and again. During our meeting it was decided to add a low level ride, a 60km to the procedure. Everybody was OK with that and it was presented this way to Ian Williams. But he changed it, adding a 80..90km at free speed. why? what was his agenda? I dont have the slightest idea." He claims that others will take a stance. Wait and see...

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