Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Back to South Africa

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Goodbye to the friends and family and "hello" South Africa. The Tri Nation's Championship is due to happen on May 18th in the Free State of South Africa. I shall be representing Great Britain as an individualist at this prestigious event, riding one of the horse's from the Perseverance Stud.

I left Britain on 16th April on plane no.1 from Gatwick to Istanbul. However, my flight had a 2 hour delay due to another aircraft having to make an emergency landing at Gatwick. Finally aboard plane no.1 to Istanbul, where upon landing I made a dash through Istanbul airport to my 2nd plane only to find out that also had an hour and half delay. Eventually time ticked by and I was on plane no.2 to Johannesburg. On landing in Johannesburg I had exactly half an hour to disembark the plane, get through passport control, collect my luggage, dash to the other side of the airport to check in and catch my plane. No I never made it in time...

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