Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Endurance horse fractures under scrutiny - Full Article

By on May 03, 2012 in Focus

The incidence of fractures in endurance horses was among the topics discussed at the Endurance Round Table session on the final day of the FEI Sports Forum yesterday in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The subject was raised by former Endurance Committee member Jean-Louis Leclerc (France), who asked what was being done to address the issue.

FEI Director Non-Olympic Sports Ian Williams confirmed that the FEI has been looking into both the causes and prevention of these types of injuries “to ensure that the welfare of the horse is absolutely the central pillar of endurance in the future”.

He stated that there is an ongoing review in FEI Headquarters, compiling facts and figures to create the safest possible environment for Endurance horses.

FEI Veterinary Delegate Fred Barrelet (Switzerland), one of the FEI’s most senior and experienced 4* vets and head of Veterinary Services for the upcoming FEI World Endurance Championships in Euston Park (GB), said it was necessary to have assessment and understanding of when and where injuries occur.

“We can then know where the problems are and how they should be addressed. If the rules as they stand are implemented correctly, I am confident that incidents of career limiting and career ending injuries can be reduced back to a low level..."

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