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Spain: Letter from Jose Manuel Soto on the Kaliber Andalucia 2011

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz

Jose Manuel Soto sent us a letter of introduction of new regulations Andalucia LV-Kaliber 2011, for all fans of this test are more informed and willing to participate in this great trial.

"Dear Friends,

The 2011 edition will be the sixth and comes with some news. Be held (Dm) between 2 and 9 April, and although there are many fringes to close about the route, linking the towns of Granada and El RocĂ­o (Huelva).

Due to the economic problems we are supporting we have to propose this year to try something shorter. There will be only six stages, plus a rest and a short prologue.

Another novelty will be the elimination of the category of equipment, will now only be able to compete in the category of pairs (a rider, a horse). This we believe will make the test more exciting and competitive, and possibly more understandable to the public.

It will also be something less expensive, 750 euros for pairing, which includes, as you know, boxes, hay, straw, and daily meals for riders and assists, as well as several dinners.

Also the amount of the awards will suffer, will distribute "only" 6,000 euros between the three front runners.

After this new approach we submit these questions to your opinion and expect your suggestions.

I think we will achieve greater media coverage, which will be good for you to negotiate better contracts with your sponsors.

We are making arrangements with several national TV channels and international media give more coverage to lacarrera. Already in the last two test images have been broadcast in over sixty countries through Eurosport.

In the five issues that we have received high praise from the international press, but there are many things to improve, and although they say it is "the best raid of the world" we are determined to get more participation and more monitoring of the media with the sole aim of bringing the beautiful game to the public.

The stunning Andalusian countryside, despite the tremendous crisis we are experiencing, we continue to see happen on the backs of our horses, and we want those precious images to go to all households in the world, and become the best promotion possible for our land continues to receive visitors at any time of year.

From here, we encourage all of you to come to compete and enjoy this unique race, and you live the exhilarating experience of riding through the magnificent scenery which gives us the Andalusian spring, along with riders from around the world, which is always a nice way to meet people and share this beautiful hobby horses that both unites us.

A big hug to all

Jose Manuel Soto. "

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