Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Easyboot is the Official Hoof Boot of Tevis 2011

EasyCare Inc. |
Wednesday December 8, 2010
Tucson, AZ.

EasyCare announced today a new partnership with the Western States Trail Foundation, the organizing body that oversees the planning and implementation of the annual Tevis Cup 100 mile endurance ride.

"We're delighted to count EasyCare as a lead sponsor for the 2011 edition of the Western States Trail Ride," said Kathie Perry, President of the WSTF Board. "This meaningful financial support comes at a key time in the year for us. Although we incur annual expenses for the event itself, portions of our resources are used throughout the year to preserve and maintain the trail and improve access points for the future."

WSTF promotes the use of trails established by gold rush emigrants to California and a historic route established by miners across the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the gold mines of California to the silver lodes of Nevada.

The relationship between EasyCare and the Western States Trail Ride goes back some 35 years to 1975, when Easyboot founder Dr. Neel Glass completed the Tevis Cup 100 mile ride in Easyboots. Since that time, Easyboots have provided additional hoof protection every year for more and more horses who take on what is arguably the most challenging 100-mile ride in the world.

"I think of the Western States Trail as part of our national identity," said Garrett Ford, President and CEO of EasyCare. "We each play a role in preserving the event and the trail for today and for the future. The Western States Trail represents one of the best proving grounds for our products, both in terms of technical challenge and reputation. We are honored to count ourselves as partners with this organization."

Mr. Ford completed the Tevis Cup ride for the first time at age 13. He has gone on to conquer the trail six times with a horse and once on foot at the Western States Trail Run.

For more information on the Tevis Cup ride, please click here. For more information on Easyboots, please see the EasyCare website at and the EasyCare blog at For all additional questions, contact Kevin Myers, Director of Marketing at

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