Thursday, August 26, 2010

Compiegne 2010 Young Endurance Horse Championship

Report by Leonard Liesens,

Compiegne was celebrating his ten years birthday. With a mixed feeling. Nothing has changed in terms of organization (still as good as usual), as far as the venue in concerned (exceptional place, good accommodation, catering perfect and very good weather). The course was very good. It has rained some days before making the going excellent. Some hills have been added to the circuit of last year, but without the big hills that made Compiegne famous ( The Beaux Monts ascent, the Mont St Pierre, the technical parts of the first loop heading to the river).

The weather was good. We had plenty of sunshine, but also a high level of humidity especially in the forest. Most of the Compiegne trails are in the forest.

Unfortunately, the major sponsor didn't renew his support to the organization. A big loss for Compiegne, which forced the organizers to review the whole program. Was that linked wit the forfeit of the main sponsor or not, but one could hardly see any horse broker on the venue. While several dozens of horses joined the Gulf stables during the previous years competitions, this time, we didn't hear about financial transactions...

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