Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Riding Around The World

The World Ride

CuChullaine and Basha O’Reilly are setting off on the first continuous, around-the-world equestrian expedition. The journey will cover 12,000 miles, cross eleven countries, last two years and be the most highly developed diplomatic and scientific equestrian mission ever undertaken.

The World Ride represents the merging of the Bronze Age activity of equestrian travel with cutting-edge twenty-first century technology. This will result in a “Genghis Khan meets the Matrix” combination wherein state-of-the-art electronics will allow reader/riders to participate from afar, thereby creating humanity’s first inter-active equestrian epic.

This is a journey with a difference. Even if they succeed in riding around the world, that will not be the primary goal. En route Basha will be working with scientists and horse owners to collect hair samples from every known horse breed, thus creating the first complete equine DNA chain. CuChullaine will be using GPS technology to create a unique Long Rider map of the entire route, a project designed to highlight geography to school children around the world and encourage others to undertake their own World Ride.

Ultimately, the World Ride is designed to link humans and horses via the saddle and the internet, with the goal being to demonstrate that all humans share a common mother-tongue, “horse.” This is a journey about courage, not records, and you are invited to explore this website, to follow the World Riders and participate in this unprecedented equestrian event.

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