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Australia: Lachlan Endurance Club members out in force

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photo: Lachlan Endurance Club member Mark Lindsay and Kintamani Charisma were first Heavyweight and third outright at the Cedar Ridge 120kms in February.

Many members of the Lachlan Club have been having time out getting new horses ready and having a break from the constant training/riding during the hot summer months, although last weekend saw them all converge on the Oberon base at Cedar Ridge Stables for its third ride this year at the lovely Native Dog Station.

This base has been set up as an Endurance Centre and runs rides on a very regular basis, varying the course to suit and is gradually being set up as a permanent facility.

Cedar Ridge One

At the first 120-80kms ride in February, very few of the club competed as the early heat was a great deterrent from having horses in work.

The Bailey and Lindsay family with Mary Symons in tow, were the only members to front up to this very wet/cold ride.

Mark Lindsay was the only club member to elevate to the 120kms for first Heavyweight and third outright riding his homebred Kintamani Charisma.

Alan, Mary and Andrew were successful in the 80kms and were able to withdraw at this point.

Mary Symons was successful on her seasoned Ralvon Vim in a time of 6.45, Alan Lindsay successful on his homebred Kintamani Silver Flame in 6.01 for her first ride out of the novice division and Andrew Bailey riding his Aloha Delegate in 6.11.

Cedar Ridge Two

The second Cedar Ridge ride was on the first weekend in March and again the Baileys and Lindsays were there and Marjorie Trudgett making a comeback in the trainer as well as Duncan Myers and Greg Hamilton from Canowindra.

Annette Bailey was the only one successful on her young stallion Harmere Katif in a time of 8.41.

Mark Lindsay was riding Mary Symons gelding Ralvon Vim, which had a minor floating injury which turned into a lameness by the first check and Alan withdrew his mare with a saddle problem.

Marjorie rode her new horse Inshallah Solitary Man successfully in the 40kms trainer however her other horse ridden by Duncan Myers was unfortunately vet out lame on Arabina Sheliska.

Greg Hamilton had a great time on his young homebred horse Windradyne Choc Chip, with success in the 40kms trainer.

Cedar Ridge Three

By the time it came around to the round three ride at Cedar Ridge every man and his neddy from the club rode, even those who had extended breaks from the sport such as Andrew and Linda Jonkers, Helen Brown, Marjorie Trudgett, Donna Tidswell, Barry Blinman and Matt Thuaux.

The Baileys were the only notable absentees as they had travelled interstate to Victoria for an FEI ride, more on this later.

The 80kms attracted quite large numbers with around 90+ riders, with 34 Middleweight; 35 Heavyweight and the balance in Lightweights and a good contingent of juniors.

The organisers had opted to make a return to the AERA rules with 30 mins vetting which suited the hot conditions and all of the horses looked very well.

In the 80kms first home from the Lachlan Club was Mark Lindsay riding Kintamani Silver Motif; followed by Mary Symons on Ralvon Vim.

Karen Rhodes and her gelding Shadow were also successful as was Matt Thuaux and his gelding Tavern Park Shiraz and Barry Blinman on his Waugoola Creek Chips.

In the 40kms training ride Donna Tidswell’s OP Bailey made his successful debut to the sport as did Andrew and Linda Jonkers stallion Girilambone Comet and their gelding Girilambone Haizib.

Helen Brown recently took over the Jonkers’ pony Girilambone Eclipse and had heaps of fun after a long break from the sport.

Danielle Beard rode Botusa Park Spirit to success as did Nikki Tucker riding Karibu Kalari and her new jockey Pen Whatman riding her Anglo mare Alhambra Khalita enjoyed the change of pace.

Rachel Benad of Woodstock was also successful on Robin Gossip’s Wesswood Willow.

Also successful in the trainer was Marjorie Trudgett for her second this year riding father Paul’s gelding Buddy and her friend Duncan Myers was successful this time around riding Inshallah Solitary Man.

The next big event is over the Easter weekend at Tumbarumba where there are a variety of rides including AERA and FEI and the introduction of a Young Horse challenge.

Many of these Lachlan Club members will be competing in this, one of the favourites on the calendar.
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