Sunday, October 19, 2008

Malaysia WEC: British Riders Leave for Malaysia WEC

15th October 2008

Chris Yeoman's horse Midday has set off on the journey to Malaysia today, the flight goes tomorrow from Amsterdam while Chris and groom Laura fly out from Heathrow to join her in Malaysia....

Midday will have plenty of time to recover from the long trip as the competition is not until November.

There was last minute excitement when the Calais ferryport closed because of a strike, fortunately the problem was resolved speedily and they are on their way.

Dom Freeman's horse Roger has to wait a few days before he travels as there has been an equine health scare in Brazil which has meant considerable negotiations to ensure that it was safe to ship both Dom's horse and the Brazilian Team. Hopefully that crisis is also resolved but it will mean that Roger doesn't have such a good recovery period.
The rest of the back-up team travel out on 29th October. We wish them all the very best of luck and hope to hear how things are going once they arrive. It will be a real achivement to get a good result in the very testing tropical conditions

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