Sunday, June 29, 2008

Argentina: Malaysian riders finish well at Cazon

June 29, 2008

Five riders from Malaysia were among the top 160km finishers this weekend at the Cazon Endurance Village in Argentina.

First place finisher was Argentina's Mercedes Tapia riding Caiparinha, a bay Polo horse that began her second career as an Endurance horse at Tapia's El Reparo Endurance training center 3 years ago. Tapia is one of Argentina's top riders, and this was Caiparinha's first win over a 160km course. Caiparinha also received the Best Condition award.

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Malaysian riders also fared well finishing in 2nd through 6th positions:

1. Mercedes Tapia (ARG) - Z Caipirinha - 17.11 km/hr
2. Md Rino Abd Rani (MAL) - Bilad El Arab - 14.48 km/hr
3. Ahmad Azura Abd Ghani (MAL) - Box Bragada - 14.48 km/hr
4. Bakar Aman (MAL) - Amira - 14.48 km/hr
5. Ab Hamid Hussein Muhamad (MAL) - Baraka Daka - 14.46 km/hr
6. Mohd Ramly Abde Wahamb (MAL) - ZT Thay Lover - 14.10 km/hr
7. Pio Juan Miguel Olascoago (URU) - Ar Vale - 14.10 km/hr

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