Monday, June 16, 2008

Italy: Assisi Endurance Lifestyle 2008 - Website

The 160 kms platform: De Angelis, the champion Garatti, Laliscia

The 120 kms platform: Sardo, the champion Ercoli, Bottiglia

ASSISI – Finally kissed by weather conditions less penalizing compared to the previuos days, the Italian Championships of equestrian endurance in Assisi have concluded. The tricolour verdicts expressed in the day of Saturday have been completed by a very heartfelt appointment like the Pony Endurance competitions reserved to the youngest people.

The daughter of art Costanza Laliscia, who saddling Flamenco has excelled over the shorter distance, and Alessandra Lolli, who has laid down the law on the longer competition, have placed side by side Simona Garatti and Enrico Ercoli, respectively Absolute Italian Champion and Young riders Italian Champion at the end of the two competitions played on Saturday.
The curtain, which is fallen on the Absolute Championships, has also been the occasion to strike a first balance, that is certaintly good by the light of the logistic difficulties caused by the bad weather conditions.

The torrential rains fallen down for the whole week and above all on Friday and Saturday - during the competitions as well- have put to hard test the organizational machine created by Umbria Endurance Equestrian Team.
The reply, however, has been as proud and furious as the climatic "provocations": the route of competition, in every respect under examination by the International Equestrian Federation considering the next European Championships, has brilliantly passed the test, proving to be technically high-level and extremely resistant for what concerns the consistence of the ground as well.

The rest has been made by the passion, the preparation and the spirit of sacrifice with which the staff and the lot of volunteers have undertaken in order to guarantee all the competitors the best conditions to express the maximum level.
Not by chance the endurance responsible of the Fei, Ian Williams, has had words of great appreciation: "I can but express a positive judgment about the route of these Italian Championships, that are going to be the theatre of the European Championships in 2009: it´s a perfect mix by the point of view of the altimetries and it really succeeds in getting the talents of the best horses emerged. We are waiting with great interest for coming back to Assisi on occasion of the next year competitions".

Absolute Italian Championship 160 kms
1. Simona Garatti-Z’Tadore Al Maury; 2. Danilo De Angelis-Present Jey; 3. Gianluca Laliscia-Seerseri.
Best condition prize: Z’Tadore Al Maury

Young riders Italian Championship 120 kms
1. Enrico Ercoli-Schhadja; 2. Marco Sardo-Dellaru; 3. Giordano Bottiglia-Zefirio.
Best condition prize: Schadja

Open 160 kms Classification
1. Simona Garatti-Z’Tadore Al Maury; 2. Danilo De Angelis-Present Jey; 3. Jack Begaud-Magui de la Perriere.

Pony Italian Championship cat. A 4,8 kms
1. Costanza Laliscia-Flamenco; 2. Maria Chiara Fischetto-Farfallina; 3. Martina Fabrizi-Dotto.

Pony Italian Championship cat. B 9,6 kms
1. Alessandra Lolli-Alish Kashmir; 2. Francesco Ricci-Golden Died; Maria Sara Santicchia-Pablo.

In the photo above the category A Pony endurance platform: Fischietto, the champion Laliscia e Fabrizi

In the photo below the category B Pony endurance platform: Ricci, the champion Lolli e Santicchia

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