Thursday, October 04, 2007

Colombia: Charolina Mutis and Pinkio Capture 1st FEI Event

Christina Mutis riding Pinkio finished first at the recent CEI/YR***120km Endurance race held on 22 September at the Los Pinos Polo Club near Bogotá Colombia. Pinkio was also awarded the Best Condition prize for the event. Christina and Pinkio finished the course in 8:18, besting the second place (Senior) Daniel Vasquez riding Luterana to a 9:48 finish time.

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Anonymous said...

You need to make a correction as
Cristina Mutis and Pinokio finished first as a Young Rider and was the only competitor in that category. She did achieve the best time.

Daniel Vasquez was first and the only finisher in the 3* event.

This was a competition which left a lot of experience in vetcheck and best condition organization but was marked by a 35.7% completion ratio, the lack of water during the course, the lack of permission to use properties which it went through (competitors were held up in 2 different places), an extremely hard surface, and a very boring layout in which 3* competitors had to go and come back on the same hard packed road 5 times, 2* riders 3 times and those on 1* twice!

The sport in Colombia is going the wrong way, with speed being the primary objective and very unbecoming, hard surfaced, course layouts. As a result, there are now less endurance riders in competition, a clear downward trend, and a lot of injured horses.

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