Monday, October 01, 2007

2007 Tom Quilty Gold Cup

The 2007 Tom Quilty Gold Cup is Australia's most famous and prestigous 160 kilometer (100 mile) Endurance challenge. This year's TQ was held on September 29 at Tumblegum Farm on the west coast of Australia. A total of 75 riders started, with 31 completing the challenge.

Top Heavyweight: Norbert Radny on West Coast Acharon in 16:45

Top Middleweight and First Overall:
Tie for First:
Christoph Schork on Arovo Mini Harvest in 16:30
Anton Reid on Endurowest Kumari in 16:30

Top Lightweight: Tanya Ladyman on Winarebee Super Star in 16:17

Top Junior: Corey Lunt on Assiff in 17:14

Full results online at


Anonymous said...

Hi all
I am disappointed at the person responsible for posting results of the Tom Quilty Cup in Australia.

The winners of the Tom Quilty Cup was Anton Reid and Christopher Schork. Both riding middleweight. In fact Christopher was riding one of Anton's horses and Anton had 4 horses in the top ten!!

It is a shame and disgrace that all the hard work done by Anton is not so much as credited.

Anonymous said...

Results and pictorial coverage.
A good coverage of the event was posted onto the Horse Deals Website Gallery and also the photographer/journalist who posted that coverage has all the photographs on her website
Great viewing!

Anonymous said...

I to was at the quilty and had a wounderful experience, l had entered but not completed.I have watched anton through the year and what a way he ended the year first the state champ's ,then the Quilty ,there is no other on out there that deserve it more.Anton has helped many friends get a good start at endurance riding .He is a great credit to the sport.

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