Friday, October 12, 2007

Australia: Unique Endurance Event


photo: Glenda Sutton, who is among the best camel trainer/riders in Australia.

Distance riding is a growing sport around the world, and in August 2008 a unique endurance event will take place in a sleepy Australian outback town in central western Queensland.

But this event is not for horses - it's for camels.

The 150km Great Hughenden Camel Endurance Challenge will be run over three days in the area of Porcupine Gorge, from August 22 to 24. Up for grabs is a $50,000 prize purse.

Camels played a major role in the opening up of Australia's vast and desolate interior, covering huge distances with loads that were unimaginable for other beasts of burden.

The race will highlight the Outback and its rugged beauty, those competing will experience hardship and trials as never before and for many just to finish will be a accomplishment of which they will be forever proud.

Camels will come from all over Australia, and from the UAE, America, Asia and Europe. The competition should be fast and competitive and there is potential for a reciprocal event to be held in the UAE in 2009.

Contact Paddy McHugh, 0427216720 or 07 47216720

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