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Three-day Endurance Cup a success: Sultan

Shaikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan with Shaikh Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the 240km Shaikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Endurance Cup in Boud Thib endurance village yesterday.

Staff Report

Abu Dhabi: Shaikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Emirates Heritage Club, hailed the success of the three-day International Endurance Festival which concluded yesterday at the Boud Thib Endurance Village and said it would be an annual affair.

"The three days of endurance rides held here have been highly successful. There is no doubt that such festivals will give rise to a new generation of endurance riders," said Shaikh Sultan, who attended the event on all three days.

Speaking to the media after his son Shaikh Hazza Bin Sultan Al Nahyan won the 240-km three-day ride, Shaikh Sultan said, "I am satisfied with the display of the riders here.

"This three-day event is very good for both riders and horses. It will bring out the relationship between rider and horse and for us this is what horse riding is all about. It has been the sport of our forefathers and I am happy to see so many young riders taking to the sport," he added.

The Boud Thib Endurance Village was created in 2004 under the Emirates Heritage Club and has since organised many rides with a special focus on junior rides.

"Such rides held regularly will be a great support and boost for youngsters and juniors," said Shaikh Sultan, who also initiated a special ride for novices and riders from smaller stables during the festival.

Apart from two Qualifier Rides, the three-day festival staged a 100-km ride for juniors, the three-day 240-km ride and a 120-km ride for novice riders.

Riders from many countries took part in the festival. "Such rides will give a chance to those riders who come from smaller stables. It will encourage them to graduate to rides in the open competitions.

This festival will be an annual affair," added Shaikh Sultan.

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bgray said...

I believe multi-day events require more strategy and equine talent than 100 mile events. I would like to see more international/FEI competitions with this venue.
Happy Trails,
Beverly Gray-Utah
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