Friday, January 12, 2007

New Zealand: Canterbury Premier and South Island CTR Ch.

Equestrian Sports NZ

Please find attached information about the Canterbury Premier Endurance ride and the South Island CTR Championships to be held at Mt Torlesse on 10 - 11 February 2007.

An entry form for the Endurance is also attached, as are the nominated and definite entry forms for the CTR Championships.

A map of the ride base is available on the website.

Mt Torlesse Entry Form Mt Torlesse Entry Form Endurance1.pdf

Mt Torlesse Info Sheet Mt Torlesse Info sheet11.pdf

South Island CTR Championship definite entry Sth Island Trail Champs 2007 definite Entry Form1.pdf

South Island CTR Championsihp Nomination form Sth Island Trail Champs 2007 Nomination Entry Form1.pdf

Nicole Munro-Johnson I High Performance Administrator & Endurance Sport Manager I Equestrian Sports NZ I Phone +64 4 499 8994 I Fax +64 4 499 2899

Equestrian Sports NZ is the trading name of the New Zealand Equestrian Federation Inc.

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