Tuesday, April 25, 2006

North America Loses PanAm Championship

( by Endurance.net)

Mary Lutz, Director of Endurance for the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), has verified that recent changes in FEI policies have led to the cancelation of the scheduled 2007 Pan American Endurance Championship.

In the past, FEI has viewed the United States as being composed of 5 Zones and Canada as composed of 2 Zones. Each of these zones has been treated as a "country" with respect to entry into the Continental (North American) and Intercontinental (Pan American) Endurance Championships.

The recent FEI policy change results in United States and Canadian representation in Intercontinental (Pan American) Endurance Championships being limited to 6 individual participants, one team, from each participating National Federation - plus 6 additional individual participants from the hosting federation.

This effectively means that Pan American Championship events, when held in North America, will have a smaller field of competitors. (a total field of 18 individual riders, two teams, from United States and Canada).

In addition, each Central or South American country that participates may field 6 individuals, one team, - but given the expense and logists of competing in North America, South American participation is usually minimal.

This effect has led the Organizing Committee for the 2007 Pan American Championship in Manitoba to withdraw their bid. They are concerned that they would not be able to cover the expenses of hosting a Pan American Championship with a greatly reduced number of ride entries.

FEI is currently negotiating with Brazil as a possible alternative to the Canadian venue for the event.

North American Federations are considering hosting a North American Endurance Championship in 2007 instead of a Pan American Endurance Championship. (the FEI policy limiting entries to 6 per non-host Federation do not apply to Continental Championships).

Further information will be forthcoming from FEI and National Federations of the effected countries.

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