Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Austrailia: Young Riders to Bahrain


Chef D?Equipe : Robin van der Wegen
Team Veterinarian : Narelle Bull
Crew Manager: John Simpson

Bahrain Team riders at the Recent Trans Tasman Challenge (l to r) Sasha Laws-King , Brooke Warner , Amily Daw , Kristie McGaffin.

Photo by Mal Caldwell AES Media 2005

Horses and Riders : Short List:
Kristie Mc.Gaffin / Kurrajong Sequel
    (owned by Castlebar Endurance, Meg wade and Chris Gates)
Amily Daw / Castlebar Kadeen
    (owned by Castlebar Endurance, Meg wade and Chris Gates)
Sasha Laws-King / Castlebar Khalifa
    (owned by Castlebar Endurance , Meg wade and Chris Gates)
Brooke Warner / Piabun Ellalong
    (Owned by Toft Endurance, Peter Toft)
Luke Annetts / Tallawarra Quality
    (Owned by Tallawarra Endurance, Terry Wood)
Jenny Annetts / Schuska
    (Owned by Castlebar, Meg wade and Chris Gates)

Reserve Horses:
Bramall Jazzmin (Toft Endurance, Peter Toft),
Churinga Witezan?s Dream (Lady Denise Trollope)

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