Friday, November 04, 2005

US: Top junior endurance rider

In for the long haul
Simpsonville teen is nation's top junior endurance rider
By Missy Baxter
Special to The Courier-Journal

Aunna Lisa Wood and Miss Pepper Ann rode a trail near Henryville, Ind. (Photos by David R. Lutman, The Courier-Journal)

Aunna Lisa Wood will turn 16 in February. Unlike most teens, though, she's not very concerned about when she will get her driver's license and a car.

"Mom says if the gas prices keep going up, I might just have to ride my pony to school," said Aunna Lisa, a sophomore at Cornerstone Christian Academy.

"I tell her that I wouldn't mind that at all. My school is in Shelbyville, but I know we could make it."

The 16-mile jaunt to school would be a breeze for Aunna Lisa and her prized pony, Miss Pepper Ann
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