Monday, June 06, 2005

Riders rug up for Quilty event

LOGO:LANA BEST - EQUINE TIME * , Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Deviot's Jess Wilson will mount her Crabbet Arabian Kurrajong Zephyr just before midnight on Friday ready to ride into the freezing hills of Sheffield.

The 12-year-old mare, which Wilson has owned for less than a year, will be wearing a light all-purpose saddle, a simple bit or maybe even just a headstall, and her lightweight rider will be in thermal underwear "and at least five jumpers and a coat".

Both will be a little jumpy, breathing steamy nervous breath in the cold, night air.

And then, almost silently, they will trot away into the night, with just a head-torch to guide their way, on the first leg of the 160km journey that is the famous Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Ride.

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