Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cradle Mountain Chateau Tom Quilty Gold Cup - cancelled

History in the making.

For the first time in it's forty year history, the Cradle Mountain Chateau 40th Tom Quilty Cup Endurance ride has been cancelled mid event.

The ride started at midnight in steady rain, and as dawn broke conditions deteriorated. In driving rain, and cold winds, the horses began to find the going difficult, and there were several falls, fortunately with no injuries.

The advance motorcycle trail bike crew were unable to access parts of the fourth leg , and the four wheel drive vehicles were unable to establish checkpoints, or to access the track for safety and rescue work .

Faced with a deteriorating situation on the local weather radar, and many withdrawals at the end of the third leg , the organisers made the courageous decision to end the ride.

Horses already out on leg 4 were recalled as they approached the checkpoints. All horses who had completed the third leg (110k) were deemed to have completed ,as long as they passed the compulsory two hour represent to the vet panel.

The leading horses in each division, at the end of leg three, will be declared as winners.

Toft endurance has provisionally swept the prize pool, although no official results have yet been announced.

Mal Caldwell Sheffield Tasmania

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