Sunday, February 13, 2005

Carthage family hooked on endurance horse riding

By Ryan Malashock
Globe Sports Writer

CARTHAGE, Mo. ? About three years back, Dina Stevens? curiosity had bubbled over. Stevens begged her friend Genie Wunderlich, who had participated in competitive endurance horse riding since 1989, to allow her to accompany Wunderlich on a ride.

?It was just a conditioning ride, but I took her on the fastest, wildest ride I had ever taken anybody on,? Wunderlich said.

Evidently, it wasn?t too wild, because Stevens was hooked. Upon her return home, Dina?s husband, Carl, could immediately sense a passion that needed to be delved into further.
?She came home and seriously that was all I heard about for a few days,? Carl said. ?So, she had five weeks to get ready for her first race, and it all took off from there.?

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