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Endurance GB agrees rule change to grow the sport

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17 December 2021

Rule changes at Endurance GB Annual General Meeting cement bid to grow the sport

• Minimum speed for all open/advanced Graded Endurance Rides was reduced from 10kph to 9kph
• Compulsory midway vetgate to be introduced at all rides over 46km to strengthen horse welfare
• Three new board appointees announced each dedicated to supporting existing board in building Endurance GB participation and membership

Endurance GB’s Annual General Meeting held at Woodland Grange in Leamington Spa on Saturday, 27 November 2021 saw some key changes to Endurance GB's rule book approved by the membership:

The minimum speed for all open/advanced Graded Endurance Rides was reduced from 10kph to 9kph, and ride organisers were also given the ability to apply to the Endurance GB Board to lower their minimum speed further on a ride-by-ride basis. This will make more challenging courses a more attractive prospect to riders. It will also allow riders to better prepare their horses for longer distances by following the old adage: increase distance before speed

• There will be a compulsory midway vetgate in all rides over 46km, strengthening horse welfare and making longer rides more attractive to riders attempting a longer distance for the first time
• Riders who retire at a midway vetgate following a successful vetting will be able to claim a completion and grading for the distance that they have ridden up to that point. This will encourage people to have a go at longer distances
• 1st-3rd 'Performance Formula' placings will be offered for all Graded Endurance Rides alongside the existing grading awards, giving an additional competitive challenge for riders
• Some of the championship rules and eligibility criteria were amended and clarified. The minimum distance for the Young Rider National Championship was reduced from 120km to 80km, putting it within reach of a wider range of young riders
• Some minor amendments have been made to the Para-Equestrian Endurance rules to simplify the administrative process for Para-Equestrian riders.

Operations Director Esther Young said: "These are exciting changes which will increase our appeal in the wider equestrian community and will make progression both to higher distances and to more challenging courses far more attractive whilst keeping horse welfare at our heart. We have a full season planned for 2022 with distances from 5km to 160km and we are very much looking forwards to welcoming all levels of riders to our events. Endurance riding really is a sport that has something for everyone."

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