Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Gaucho Derby Academy Launched

The Equestrianists
November 16 2021

Ever considered taking on the Mongol or Gaucho Derby but not sure if you’ve got the experience to tackle the beast?

"In 2019 we launched our first academy to help acclimatise people to the unique challenges of multi-horse relay racing. This took place in Mongolia and was rather awesome. So we’re expanding the idea globally. Soon we hope to have academies in countries around the World so more people can get a flavour of the adventure sport we love without having to commit to a full race.

And so it is with some excitement that we announce the launch of the second of our academies.

The Gaucho Derby Academy. Happening in Argentine Patagonia from 17th February to the 23rd February. This is a multi-day immersive and educational experience which trains equestrians to to tackle our 500km Gaucho Derby. We’ve taken inspiration from The Gaucho Derby pre race training camp and created an intensive six day experience where you can learn the survival and horsemanship skills you need plus get immersed in the culture and lifestyle of the Gauchos of Patagonia. It all culminates in helping the Gauchos with a multi-day wild horse roundup across the wilderness.

Our team of international event managers, local Gauchos, equine experts, medics and veterinarians will lead the experiences on navigation, riding the gnarly terrain, wilderness survival and managing horse health throughout this adventure. Once you’ve graduated you’ll be confident in your skillset to tackle the beast that is The Gaucho Derby.

There is a load more information and an itinerary on our website here..."

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