Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Minor’ Event Revamp Finally Closes Major Loophole in Endurance

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Many 120km endurance rides in the desert will have to run under FEI rules in future, unless organisers drastically reduce the number of foreigners invited.

By Cuckson Report
Pippa Cuckson | October 25, 2021

A loophole that allowed organisers to side-step FEI rules at numerous high-profile endurance rides for over a decade is finally being closed. The FEI board has resolved to remove 2* senior endurance events from the category of “Minor” events (CIMs), to be rubber-stamped at the FEI General Assembly next month in Antwerp, Belgium.

High-profile races will be particularly affected in the UAE, the country at the centre of so many welfare, doping and cheating scandals. They include the Al Reef Cup in Abu Dhabi where Splitters Creek Bundy broke both forelegs in 2015. That grotesque incident exposed the FEI to a barrage of criticism when it initially responded that the ride’s categorization gave the FEI no jurisdiction.

If the UAE wishes to involve a large international field in its 120km and other 2* races in future, all must either run under FEI rules, or drastically reduce the number of foreigners invited...

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