Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Twenty month suspension and fine for false entries in FEI horse passports - Full Article

April 7, 2021

A prominent figure in the equestrian community has been suspended for 20 months and fined 5000 Swiss francs for falsifying veterinary entries in the FEI passports of four Endurance horses under his care.

Pierre Arnould, in a decision released by the FEI Tribunal, was also ordered to pay 7000 Swiss Francs in legal costs.

The case against the 61-year-old Belgian national was heard by FEI Tribunal member Martin Gibbs.

Three of the passport entries related to vaccinations; the fourth related to an entry in the medical treatment section to record the horse was not destined for human consumption, thereby allowing certain veterinary treatments that otherwise would be prohibited.

Arnould has been involved in equestrian sport for 35 years, in particular Endurance. He served as team leader of the Belgian national team for many years, organised two FEI Endurance European Championships, one FEI Endurance World Championships, and is an active trainer of Endurance horses. He was also a member of the FEI Endurance Committee from 2011 to 2014.

The FEI brought its case to the tribunal after receiving information that Arnauld had falsified the FEI passports of several horses by using an old stamp previously used by an FEI Veterinarian, Dr Wijnendaele, when he worked in Belgium. The stamp was used to make it appear that Dr Wijnendaele had vaccinated horses when he had not done so...

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