Monday, March 25, 2019

France: On the way to a new season of endurance with La Voulte sur Rhône - Full Article

24th March 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Clémence Baudin

La Voulte sur Rhône. France. Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March 2019. Every year, the endurance ride in La Voulte marks the beginning of the endurance season in Auvergne/Rhône-Alpes district, with a national and international ride.

The ride of La Voulte becomes more and more famous, and attracts riders from every level. It was the 22th edition, and the third at international level. A few years ago, this ride was only taking place on the hills. Nowadays, it offers totally flat loops along the river Rhône. This ride allows riders to prepare their horses for bigger future races. It’s a great pleasure to have welcomed in the past horses for their first ride or first CEI*, and to see them in international championships few years later...

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