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First FEI event ever-held in Bragado, Buenos Aires - Full Article
30th September 2018

Bragado Endurance Club, Bragado, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thursday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September 2018. This was the first FEI event ever-held in Bragado. The Bragado Endurance Festival (BEF) was in charge of and organized by the Bragado Endurance Club. Whereas, Chacras del Bragado sponsored and hosted the three-day event.

Argentinian teams particularly enjoyed a professional as well as a relaxed atmosphere, since not only did they compete but also share a long weekend among friends recalling previous races held in different parts of the country. Likewise, the settings offered peace and tranquillity to all horses. The joyful faces, the great number of important prizes, the new HR system (hired from Uruguay) and the viewing of live race results with the Yamamah App made this international event date a unique one in Argentina.

The first start was given on Thursday morning, which ended with the classification of 14 horses in the 40 and 80 km qualifiers. Later in the afternoon, the pre ride for CEI1* seniors and YR took place. While the CEI1* ladies race by Setzi Saddles was held on Friday. Saturday was allocated to CEI1* and CEI2* seniors and YR. At this event Argentina landed a record for a total number of 116 horses during the two race days.

Friday, at 7:00am, 26 riders started the all-female 100km race. It was divided in 4 loops (33km, 25km, 22km and 20km for the last respectively). Winner was Nadia Fernandez Cid riding FG Suavecita, in a post-race interview the rider described her horse as being “very energetic and very pleasant to work with every day...

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