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What if Tryon was one of the safest Endurance World Championships ever?

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Andre Vidiz
Oct 8

On the article I wrote just after the WEG Endurance ride I tried to show how the dysfunctional disorganization of the OC was as guilty of the whole disaster as the weather conditions itself. On that moment FEI Officials were using the quantity of horse with metabolic issues and the death of one of them as a smoke screen to do not talk about all the problems that happened before and during the start of the race. At that time we needed to put it all together so we don’t forget anything. Now it is time to untangle some of those components.

Pippa Cuckson wrote a long article about the conditions we set for World Championships in which she also questions the Organizing Committee “clinic was full” argument itself. If there are no doubts about the number of horses in the clinic and that almost all of them were there due to metabolic issues, there is nothing clear about the conditions of those horses. Only 3 of them were eliminated under the ME-TR status, which means that treatment is mandatory and signalizes a dangerous condition. All the other horses maybe were getting precautionary treatment, a safe practice that became quite normal in endurance rides*

Maybe the full clinic is just a consequence of the system that is built to protect the horses...

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