Saturday, July 22, 2017

Racing through the South African grasslands on horseback - Full Article

Ute Schulenberg
21 Jul 2017

Isabel and Sharon Foster are still landing after their amazing experience at the Fauresmith 200km National Endurance ride in South Africa two weeks ago.

“It was a totally awesome experience … every day there was another wow! factor,” Sharon said.

“There were about 400 of us camped in this big fenced area and we were hosted by the most beautiful family with whom we felt instantly comfortable.”

“We had no idea what to expect when we landed, but we needn’t have worried, we were made to feel totally at home and the horses we leased from them were really well-trained and well-cared for.”

The ride itself takes place over three days across 204km of sandy, dusty, at times rocky terrain.

“It was the middle of winter but the days were up to 20 degrees and there is absolutely no shade. Night temperatures got down to about minus seven degrees with sheets of ice on our tents...

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