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Woman who quit her City job to become a full-time ADVENTURER... - Full Article

Woman who quit her City job to become a full-time ADVENTURER reveals how she almost died crossing India on a rickshaw (and shares the items she NEVER leaves home without)

Katy Willings, 34, signed up for a 3,000km rickshaw race across India in 2009
She was working as a management consultant but fell in love with adventuring
Katy quit her London job and now organises adventures for others full-time
She shares what she's learned rafting, riding and paramotoring around the world

By Stephanie Linning for MailOnline
PUBLISHED: 08:00 EDT, 7 July 2017

Whether it is horse riding across Mongolia's rugged terrain or motorcycling through Siberia, Katy Willings has a knack for looking perfectly at ease in settings that would push most others to the brink of their physical limits.
But then again, she has had plenty of practise. The 34-year-old has completed feats of physical endurance in some of the world's most remote and unforgiving locations.

This spirit of intrepidness is made all the more remarkable because up until a little more than eight years ago Katy was working as a 'depressingly mediocre' management consultant in London.

The new, adventure-seeking chapter of her life began when the tragic and sudden death of a close friend led to her signing up to take his place in a 3,000km rickshaw race in India just weeks before the January 2009 start date.
After that came the Mongol Derby, a 1,000km horseback ride across Mongolia, and by the end of 2010 Katy had quit her job and relocated to Bristol to work full-time for The Adventurists, a company that organises adventures for those who find their daily lives a little on the quiet, safe side...

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