Monday, June 27, 2016

France: Shaikh Nasser hails royal team success in Lignieres endurance race - Full Article


Manama, June 26 (BNA): HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad has praised the extraordinary efforts made by the the Bahrain Royal Endurance Team's jockeys during Lignieres Endurance Race, where the Bahrainis topped the podium as well as bagging the second, fourth and sixth places. HH pointed out that the performances exhibited by the Bahrain Royal Endurance Team reflects the real caliber of the team's jockeys and proves Bahrain strength in this sport.

HH highlighted the strong display of the Bahrain Royal Endurance Team during the event, stating that it will have a positive impact on the morale of the team who will be preparing for other heavy-weight events scheduled to take place soon.

HH Shaikh Nasser reserved special praise for the administrative and technical teams whose efforts were key to achieve this success. It's worth indicating that jockey Yaquob Al Hammadi of the Bahrain Royal Endurance Team secured first place in the 160km race after clocking 8:17:26 seconds on his horse, Prudence...

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