Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Scotland: 2016 Cairngorm 100


June 25 2016

As well as the 100 mile and 50 mile buckles for those completing the distance in the required time, there were two main prizes, the first being the first past the post awarded to the first rider to arrive and pass the final vetting. The second the Overall CG 100 winner. The Overall Winner is chosen by a combination of points awarded at each vet gate inspection, final arrival position and points awarded at the Best Condition inspection on the Sunday morning.

Overall Winner (Prize donated by Mike and Sally Bell)

I’m pleased to be able to inform you that the Overall Winner of the 2016 Cairngorm 100 is

First Ian Patterson on Tannasg Primo Dancer with 183 points

Second Helen McFarland and Just Jake with 172 points

Third Francesca Bakker and Aratahnes Aphrodite with 160 points

Fourth Susan Cox and Eden el Nyhl with 157 points

Fifth place Liz Booth and Zalah with 151 points

First Past the Post (Prize also donated by Mike and Sally Bell)
Helen McFarland, Francesca Bakker and Ian Patterson came over the finish line together in the true essence of the CG100. Sally has kindly offered to engrave two additional tankards so all three will have a first past the post prize.

Golden Oldies Award donated by Performance Equestrian to
Helen McFarland and Just Jake at 21 years (That's Jake not Helen)

50 miles (Half way there buckle)
Julia Harman and Simeric Solaman

Leonne Davenport and Dromasque

100 milers who passed 50 mile vetting awarded the Half way there buckle

Lesley Muirden and Meave

Sally Toye and Emira Bint Letifa

Lisa Falk and Gameboy

Les Sparks and Magic's Mistrel

30 milers

Matt Walker and Cumbria Aswad

It was a tough ride, congratulations to all those that finished


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