Saturday, October 03, 2015

Great Britain: 2016 Dartmoor Derby

“It really is the most wonderful riding you can imagine”
Eventer Mary King MBE, Olympic silver medallist

Following its successful Pilot Event in September 2015, the 2016 Dartmoor Derby is now taking bookings.

This uniquely formatted event is inspired both by the international success of the famously rough, rugged and breathtaking annual challenge across the Steppes, the Mongol Derby, and the enduring appeal of chic African riding safaris.

The Dartmoor Derby combines the best of both. It’s an opportunity to navigate a carefully planned, three- to six-day ride around countryside that sent even Steven Spielberg weak at the knees. Through the course of it you may camp in a selection of specially constructed comfortable moorland camps purpose-built for the event, spend nights in luxury hotels, and enjoy fantastic, locally-sourced food.

Riders — limited to a maximum of 100, riding in small teams of four to six — are invited to bring their own horse for the Derby, or may hire a fit horse with plentiful experience of Dartmoor terrain through the organisers.

The Dartmoor Derby is a luxury riding challenge, and while participants will need to be established and fit riders, confident at every pace, this is not a race and there is no need to jump.

Price points vary from:
> £1,250 for three days riding and four nights accommodation on your own horse (£1,750 with horse hire included), to…
> £2,500 for a six-day ride (£3,000 with a horse provided)
> There is a further mid-range option priced at £1,800 (£2,300 with a horse provided).

The 2016 Dartmoor Derby takes place on either the second or third weekend of September (from the 8th or 15th September) with the precise date to be confirmed very shortly.

Please register HERE to find out more, email or call (+44) 07967 823674

Dartmoor Derby
At a glance

The Dartmoor Derby Ambassadors are eventers Mary King MBE, Lucy Wiegersma, and actor and British Horse Society President Martin Clunes OBE

Places will be limited to 100 riders, travelling in teams of four to six

Riders are invited to bring their own horse, or can be matched with a fit mount, with wide experience of Dartmoor’s terrain, by the organisers

Riders to choose which blend of hotel and glamping accommodation best suits their needs

Locally sourced food and suppliers are used wherever possible. This is a proudly West Country event

A number of specially constructed, and immensely comfortable, camps and horse stations will be built for the event. Each camp will have a different theme (Mongolian, African etc)

The event will run either over the second or third weekend of September 2016 (precise date to be confirmed and shared here very shortly)

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Horses will stay in specially constructed horse stations close to each safari camp at the end of each day

To be part of this special event, apply by clicking HERE. Or call us on (+44) 07967 823674

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