Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ninth global equestrian discipline announced: FEI Bashing
Neil Clarkson | February 15, 2015

Today is a red-letter day in international horse sport, with the first formal recognition of FEI Bashing – the ninth equestrian discipline to fall under the jurisdiction of the world governing body.

The FEI Bureau is expected to meet in coming days to form a committee which will develop the rules and formulate the all-important Code of Conduct.

The new sport already has a small band of hardened professionals playing within its ranks, with legions of amateurs, armed with keyboards and social media accounts, making a pretty good fist of it, too.

The new discipline is expected to enter the FEI’s ranks in the top tier, in terms of the number of participants. There is no need for pesky horses, nor expensive tack. FEI Bashing represents fun for all the family, and can even be played by those who don’t know the biting end of a horse from the kicking end.

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