Monday, January 12, 2015

Chile: 2015 Torres Del Paine

“Patagonia - Torres del Paine - Tierra del Fuego - Easter Island - San Pedreo de Atacama - Lago Rupanco - Ruta de la Salitre ...

“It's a list of the ultimate Chilean tourist destinations, the most beautiful and sacred landscapes, places that are worth seeing from any perspective. Places that are almost beyond imagining from horseback - and for an endurance rider who likes to 'really' ride it doesn't get much better,” wrote Steph Teeter in 2009, from Patagonia, where she rode in the 5th annual Torres Del Paine Endurance Race.

The 11th International Torres Del Paine will take place April 10-12, 2015:

“We invite you to experience this unforgettable equestrian event, in the extremes of Chilean Patagonia! The 10th of April 2015 kicks off the 11th annual running of the “Torres del Paine Endurance Race”.

Don`t pass up the opportunity to participate in this exhilarating sport, which takes place in the heart of one of the most important and breathtaking national parks in Patagonia.”

For more information, and to re-visit Steph’s participation in this 2009 edition, see

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