Monday, November 03, 2014

France: 2014 Montcuq

The 38th edition of the 2-day CEI 3* Montcuq ride concluded on November 2, with France's Stephanie Arnal riding Qalife D'Aurabelle winning in a combined time of 10:41.27. Second place with a combined time of 10:46.07 was France's Edmee Merlin riding Zarafa De L'Hom. Third place went to another French rider, Lauriane Recoules aboard Guarfao De Bozouls, in 10:46.49.

Montcuq is one of the most famous endurance rides in the world, being as famous in Europe as USA's Tevis Cup and Australia's Tom Quilty. The trail has changed little over the years, and the history of the race is intimately linked to endurance riding in Europe. Pierre Passemard began organizing endurance riding in France in 1976, founding with Denis Letartre and others the French Equestrian Association Races Endurance, which organized the first endurance ride in France, the 100-km Rodez ride in 1977. The same year, the Florac and the 2-day Montcuq rides were established.

59 started this year's 2-day Montcuq ride; 40 completed the first day, and 26 completed both days. Complete results here:

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