Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Current FEI World Rankings

As of October 31 2014, Great Britain’s Nicola Thorne tops the FEI Open Riders World Endurance Ranking by just 9 points ahead of France’s Philippe Tomas. France’s Jean Philippe Frances is third. Willemina De Boer is the USA’s highest ranking rider in 29th place.

Occupying top spot in the Open Combination World Endurance Ranking is Switzerland’s Barbara Lissarrague and Preume De Paute. Spain’s Jrdi Arboix and Mystair Des Aubus is in second, and Hungary’s Jozsef Toth is third.

Laiza De Jalima (from the Netherlands) is the top ranked Open Endurance Horse, with Preume De Paute (from Switzerland) in second, and Kedjari Des Serres (from the UAE) in third.

Uruguay’s Teresa Sanchez tops the Young Riders World Endurance Ranking, with USA’s Emily Dibasic in second, and Brazil’s Jose Jaio Frisoni in third. USA’s Christina Kimery is 5th.

Christina Kimery and Noslo’s Selket Da Yankee are the top Young Riders Endurance Combination, with Namibia’s Sune Wessels and Kalharabi Dakar in second, and USA’s Josie Whelan and FFC First Csea Lord in third.

Noslo’s Selket Da Yankee (USA) tops the Young Riders Horse World Ranking, with FF Federico (Uruguay) in second, and Kalharabi Dakar (Namibia) in third.

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