Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Australia's Alexandra Toft shines in World Equestrian Games endurance ride

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SEPTEMBER 01, 2014

ALEXANDRA Toft, one of the youngest riders in the World Equestrian Games endurance ride, was one of only 38 riders from more than 170 starters to finish the challenging 160km event.

Only three countries finished the event with a full team.

Toft, a member of Australia’s first all-female WEG Australian endurance team, finished 19th with a time of 10:11:23.

She had better fortunes than her mother and fellow team member, Penny Toft, who retired early after her stirrup leather broke.

Penny was unable to get immediate help and the setback left her 15km behind the field so she retired.

“Finishing in the top 20 was my goal from the outset,” Alexandra said...

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